25 Years at Harvard Street: WHRB Historical Program


Originally aired on November 4, 2019, Harvard Radio: 25 Years at Harvard Street commemorates the 25th anniversary of WHRB’s move to its current Harvard Street studio on November 4, 1994. The program has been modified slightly for online publication.

An old Redbones BBQ concert promotion. Cabinets built like a deck. A transmitter that could allegedly send a broadcast signal to any local Harvard Square toaster. And a move to WHRB’s new studios a quarter-century ago. In Harvard Radio: 25 Years at Harvard Street, Stephen Shenefield ‘85 and Rob Landry ‘79 share their memories from the studio’s construction and more. The program also includes archival audio clips from the night of the new studio’s inauguration in 1994.

Below is a partial outline for the half-hour program.

1:00 - Introduction of Stephen Shenefield ‘85

1:38 - Stephen’s role in the Pennypacker move

4:00 - Difficulties and compromises made during the move

6:24 - Projects that Stephen found the most interesting

10:44 - David Elliott’s speech the night of the inauguration - Segment 1/3 (archival recording)

12:05 - Introduction of Rob Landry ‘79

12:45 - Rob’s role in the Pennypacker move, fundraising efforts

14:30 - Membership’s feelings towards the move

15:48 - David Elliott’s speech - Segment 2/3 (archival recording)

19:13 - story of Harvard Square transmitter site

22:29 - story of maximum control rooms allowed in studio

23:41 - story of Hillbilly at Harvard's hubcap

24:28 - Hillbilly at Harvard, 1994 broadcast (archival recording)

25:49 - Stephen and Rob’s thoughts on the future of station in Pennypacker

28:13 - David Elliott’s speech - Segment 3/3 (archival recording)

Image: Neil Hendon '92 at the Pennypacker studios during its construction.

_Xilin Zhou is a producer for WHRB Classical and the Record Hospital.