​BREVE ~ Show Review​

Tesselating bass notes. Howls shooting through the XLR cable. Sticks jumping off the high hat, hands driving meters forward and back.

From their dreamily entrancing “lullabies” to their head-bang-inducing math-rock-esque ragers, BREVE’s surreal skill and palpable passion combine into a truly amazing impossible-to-keep-still kind of show. Looking across the stage, one notices the intense focus, the sheer feeling poured into each moment…all manifesting itself in a delightfully uncategorizable-genre package.

This band is another reason to hop the pond and visit some Aussies, my travel-curious friends. BREVE from Melbourne: an explosion of vivid energy and poignant passion; psych-rocky, wash-over-you goodness rivaled with jostling mosh-spurring rage. Pre-order their latest album, Nothing Stays the Same on https://breveband.bandcamp.com .