Field Day Interview


We had the chance to catch up with Joan Anderman and Dan Zedek of Boston-based band Field Day last week. Field Day just put out their second EP called ‘Go No Go’, a fun collection of rock songs with a pop flair. They will be playing at the 7th installment of All Together Now (ATN) on September 30 at Midway Cafe. ATN brings together a diverse set of performers for an exciting event that pushes the boundaries of your typical show.

Joan and Dan have gone from both working at the Boston Globe to bandmates. In Field Day, they love every aspect of being in a band from songwriting to performing. Dan sums it up best that “we love that process of discovery and finding your way through.”

As a songwriter, Joan finds many commonalities with her previous job as a rock critic. As she explains, “it’s really a form of communication: songs, essays, whatever it is.” She feels that she has the same impulses as a songwriter as she did as a rock critic trying “to make a beautiful sentence [and] say something meaningful that’s going to resonate with other people.” However, she’s had to work to turn off the quick judgments about music that she had to make as a rock critic to keep writing songs without being overly critical of her own work.

Joan and Dan both discovered their love of music at a young age. Dan, through seeing rock and punk bands in New York during college, realized that creating music himself was attainable. Playing in bands has given Dan the feelings he wants most: “It’s the time when I’ve felt the most real, the most whole, the most present in my life. I just wanted that.” Joan, on the other hand, grew up surrounded by bands that made the act of making music seem far away and unattainable for most. She elaborates, “I was a music nut too so I wanted to be close to music and I think being a critic was my way of staying close and being in a relationship with music.”

It’s clear that Joan and Dan love what they do. Joan hopes that “people walk away feeling some of the spirit that we feel when we’re playing music.” Or as Dan adds, “maybe even feel ‘hey, I can do that too.’”

Don't miss Field Day’s new EP ‘Go No Go’ and their performance at All Together Now #7 on September 30 at Midway Cafe. Check out the full interview above!

Amanda Glazer is Online Content Director and a DJ for Record Hospital