Kölsch at Teksupport: Show Review

Kölsch’s early morning Teksupport set was absolutely invigorating. Gleaming lights, bone-rattling bass, and gracious smiles from Kölsch beaming in front of his ever-appreciative audience. Kösch’s melodically focused style translated beautifully into a live set, his radiant synths permeating superficial layers of skin and cutting right to the soul. His viscerally gripping performance transcended sound, entering the arena of environmental transportation. Strangeness of space and people, novelty of the beachside warehouse overtaken by the almighty Teksupport empire; a civilization of technites taking refuge in enveloping electronica, shielded from the brisk winds ripping at the industrial dome’s exterior.

Kölsch’s omnisciently commanding sound was nicely complimented by his lovably teasing performance. A Haydn of techno, Kölsch would throw his audience into a pacifying 120bpm ocean, let their subconsciouses supercede their Egos, and suddenly slam them back into stark consciousness with an unexpected silence, repetition, drop, or New-Wave nostalgia. The many false endings in his performance of "Grey" were emblematic of Kölsch’s playful performative nature and made his set an absolute blast.

Kölsch’s love for dense synth, eloquent vocal reverb, and all-consuming bass strobes coupled with his all-smiles, divertida persona are an incredible live sight. Check out his two latest tracks, "Grey" and "KIR," both released by the infamous Kompakt in September 2016. See him at Unit 51 in Aberdeen this Friday evening.