(1) Monday Night Mix with Luke and Lana.
(2) Comin' at you every Monday night/Tuesday morn' from 12a-2a
(3) Take home your very own mnmixtape via this weekly column. A/B, 30 mins per side


Nearing the midpoint of my final year, my thoughts are anywhere but here. This week’s mixtape features gems of geographies and ideologies on which my future-eager gaze is set. Whiffs of past people in future places, of past places with future people; some bleary-eyed, some erratically ecstatic. Here is Side A, entitled ‘Outward Bound’. -Lana

1. The Overseas Lover - Better Person ‘Zakochany Czlowiek’

2. The Overseas Mother - Lizzy Mercier Descloux ‘Slipped Disc’

3. Emerging - Buttering Trio ‘Unexperienced’

4. Red Wine and Clams - Laura Groves ‘Friday

5. 1/4 of my paycheck on the Chinatown Bus - Duke Hugh ‘Home’

6. Anxious 4AM Packing - Sad City ‘Steady Jam’



I stretched my lil fingers into a variety of post-punk genres this week! Ranging from Hideous Towns' soft n' squishy indie pop to Europa's hyperized math melodies, I've picked some of my favorite new finds from around my tastes. Hope you enjoy! <3 -Luke

1. Royal Brat 'Shadethrower'

Hot n’ Fresh queer punk coming at you from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

2. Europa 'Mutable'

Mathy 4-piece with a cinematic taste of form and some excellent panning decisions.

3. Failures 'Debt Department'

Punk trio from Takoma Park, Maryland carry the bedroom air of youth overtop a satisfyingly juicy execution.

4. Hideous Towns 'Lion'

A fav selection off a 2016 release by the Melbourne 4-piece. Shimmery guitar lines and a steady solid rhythm section set this up on my lists.

5. Alarm Drum 'Whisper'

First song off of Culture Clash EP! Dreamy dream pop from a Columbia, South Carolina 3-piece.

6. RVIVR - The Seam

A throwback selection from some of my favorite punk queer icons! Just because too many people slept on this!