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Anxiety - not in its clinical sense, but in its affectual sense, coined so eloquently by Sir Merriam-Webster himself

: fear or nervousness about what might happen.

: a feeling of wanting to do something very much.

This week’s Side A is all about stubbing your toe on the edge of a great idea thus spilling the contents your wallet onto the sidewalk, the top of the card-pile showing a receipt-of-contact from Deutsche Post for that 12” that never arrived, reminding you that you left your house in the first place because you’re on the way to 9am German.

Embodied by the following tracks, from Aquaserge’s á la record-skip meter to Hector Plimmer’s bustling-city expanding verticality; a midpoint dose of Cornish acid from Luke Vibert’s 303-drenched cut-n-paste rework; to Sad City and Elsa Hewitt’s respective collages, emphatic pasting snippets of vocals in the former and textures in the latter, attempting to strike the center through close-but-still-peripheral overlapping plasterings. -Lana

1. 1000s of shots of 1 crack in the sidewalk - Aquaserge 'Si loin, si proche'

2. _2 stops on the tube -_Sad City 'Steady Jam'

3. "Coffee" - Luke Vibert 'The Future'

4. Timeloss Puddle - Elsa Hewitt 'Breathing SpaceX'

5. Hand-drawn Broad City Animorph - Hector Plimmer 'Let's Stay'



This week i’m exploring the colder side of the year, with releases to sit in while you wait out the cold winter night. Get shivery. -Luke

1. Vern Matz 'Trampolines'

A trio based out of New Haven, Connecticut, Vern Matz releases their first single off a planned January release.

2. Emawk 'No One'

A personal favorite release off of the mysterious Emawk. Through bending genres and longing keys, Emawk has found a juicy set of well-paired harmonics.

3. Processions 'Ghosts'

San Antonio songwriters who weave a thick layer of fog, perfect for wading through on a cold November night.

4. Burn Ritual 'Like Suffering'

Another release from my hometown of San Antonio - Burn Ritual is a one-man project that manages to hit all the bases. With the fuzzed out bass/guitar combos brought to the front, the vocals take a back seat, swinging along behind the bass and making for a convincing and heavy-hitting A/B.

<a href="<a href="">Like" class="redactor-linkify-object"></a> Suffering Ep by Burn Ritual</a>

5. gabriel / Cederström 'To Hermon'

Dense and meticulous bedroom shoegaze from Washington State, gabriel / Cederström’s lo-fi approach preserves emotion through luminescent soundscapes and well-placed samples.

<a href="<a href="">To" class="redactor-linkify-object"></a> Space, To Heaven by gabriel / Cederström</a>

6. Visions in Clouds [VIC] 'Rain Song'

From Switzerland comes a polished new wave project, Visions in Clouds, who re-vamp classic post punk guitars with fresh songwriting and a sprig of familiar melancholy.

<a href="<a href="">levée" class="redactor-linkify-object"></a> en masse by Visions In Clouds [VIC]</a>

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