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For the A side this week I’ve chosen to find a lighter side of the cold with some beautiful new wave/twee/post-punk selections! (There’s a bit of the darker stuff in there too so don’t worry). Check out all these fresh releases to brighten up your week! -Luke

1. Ping Pong Club 'Skylight'

Found this incredible 4 piece based out of Bandung, Indonesia, and I was immediately captured by the playfulness of their sound and catchy songwriting. While still a fairly young group, I highly recommend keeping up with these young songmakers.

2. Haley Blais 'Severance Pay'

Another demo selection, Haley Blais whispers warm melodies over the surprisingly comfortable combination of synth bass, ukelele, and strings. With a crystal voice, she manages to find a wonderful sense of rhythm on "Severance Pay" without needing any drums to guide her.

3. Wall of Stars 'Blur'

A two piece out of El Monte, California, Wall of Stars comes with just the essentials: jangly guitars, melancholy hooks, a driving bass, and a filtered drum machine. Knowing when to let vocals come to the front and when to wash them out is an under appreciated skill IMHO.

4. Thought Beings 'Holiday'

A bit of 80’s nostalgia never hurt anyone :) With stunningly smart vocal lines and a wickedly impressive snare, Thought Beings brings a groovy holiday-season tune that’s perfect for wistful snow-angel making and melodramatic hot chocolate drinking. Do they have this snowmobile in a digital pink?

5. Emily Underhill 'Toronto'

A more somber approach to the winter months, “Toronto" is a standout track from Emily Underhill’s newest release, Dissolve. Her haunting vocals sit atop a massive composition, conducting the instruments as they paint a cinematic forest scene for us to explore.

6. Glen 'Go Boy'

Berlin post-punk project Glen delivers a long and low story throughout their über-recent 5-song release Crack. Weaving in and out of time/tempo, the group definitely isn’t afraid to use time as just another parameter, and it pays off in this groaning, almost overwhelming project.



Soft rock or easy listening? Soft drink or soda pop? This week’s Side B is full of stocking stuffers for the whole family - from near and far, aged young and old. These tracks that will make your Dad (Pop?) go “mmm” and your brother swipe-yo-track Shazam. But wait a minute - (zooms out) is that a ‘16 Corolla or a ‘76 Integra? -Lana

1. Psychic Mistakes Glitterball for its Crystal Sister - Monika ‘Lonely World

2. Natural Bobtail Anonymous’ Invite-Only Christmas Party - Richenel ‘Autumn

3. Upholster my Furniture in Sucked Balloons - A.R. Kane ‘A Love from Outer Space

4. Turtlefurred VHS - Letta Mbulu ‘Normalizo’

5. DVR’d Grace Tenores De Oniferi ‘Su Determinu’

6. Family Trip(tophan) - Mariah ‘Shinzo No Tobira’

Lana Harris and Luke Martinez DJ/write/beyond for the Record Hospital. Record Hospital has air 10pm-5am every weeknight.