RH Top 20 - week of 10.24.16

Here’s yr top 20 for the week, brought to you by the Record Hospital. This week, a Stick Men with Ray Guns show from their 1984 Rock Against Reagan tour skips the line and goes straight for the top spot, while local band Negative One and power-popstar Terry Malts flank them on the podium. From hardcore to slowcore, we've got it all in our top 20 this week.

Remember to catch the best tracks from each of the top albums every Monday at 10pm on our weekly top 20 show, and keep listening to the Record Hospital every weeknight 10pm-5am.

1-Stick Men With Ray GunsProperty of Jesus Christ12XU LP
2-Terry MaltsLost at the PartySlumberland CD
310Negative One-1100% Breakfast 7"
44Ascend/DescendMurdock StreetTor Johnson LP
515The Bronzed ChorusUnexplained American Goat Doubleplusgood CD
63TurtleneckedPure Plush Bone CageGood Cheer CD
72BichkraftShadoofWharf Cat CD
81HaramWhat Is This Hell?Toxic State CD
95Russian TsarlagUnexplained American GoatWharf Cat CD
1019Small World ExperienceShelf-LifeSiltbreeze LP
116BelgradoObrazLa Vida Es Un Mus CD
1216Turnip KingLaikaFire Talk CD
13-Mick BarrBlespac (Spathages)Wharf Cat CD
147MuskMusk 2: The Second Skumming12XU LP
1512Oozing WoundWhatever ForeverThrill Jockey CD
1617Phantom ForthThe EEPPDark Entries LP
1720Black MarbleIt's ImmaterialGhostly Int'l CD
18-NotsCosmeticGoner Records CD
19-Oh MalôAs We WereSelf-released CD
209HalfsourCharm School EPToo Far Gone CD