RH Top 20 - week of 10.31.16

Here’s yr top 20 for the week, brought to you by the Record Hospital. This week, Black Marble returns with It's Immaterial to the spot it occupied back in 2012, when its debut record A Different Arrangement topped RH's top 20. Elsewhere, lo-fi hero Russian Tsarlag and Ukranian post-punks Bichkraft continue their jockeying for a place in the winner's circle. From hardcore to slowcore, we've got it all in our top 20 this week.

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117Black MarbleIt's ImmaterialGhostly Int'l CD
29Russian TsarlagUnexplained American Goat
Wharf Cat CD
37BichkraftShadoofWharf Cat CD
46TurtleneckedPure Plush Bone CageGood Cheer CD
52Terry MaltsLost at the Party
Slumberland CD
616Phantom ForthThe EEPPDark Entries LP
715Oozing WoundWhatever ForeverThrill Jockey CD
88HaramWhat Is This Hell?Toxic State CD
9-HoneyLove Is Hard
Wharf Cat CD
104Ascend/DescendMurdock StreetTor Johnson LP
1112Turnip KingLaikaFire Talk CD
1219Oh MalôAs We WereSelf-released CD
135The Bronzed ChorusSummering Doubleplusgood CD
1414MuskMusk 2: The Second Skumming12XU LP
151Stick Men With Ray GunsProperty of Jesus Christ12XU LP
163Negative One-1100% Breakfast 7"
1718NotsCosmeticGoner Records CD
18-AutomatismeMomentform AccumulationsConstellation CD
1910Small World ExperienceShelf-LifeSiltbreeze LP
20-James Arthur's ManhuntDigital Clubbing12XU LP