RH Top 20 - Week of 2/13/17

The Record Hospital Top 20

Week of 2/13/17

1.Nine of SwordsYou Will Never DieSelf Released
2.PRETTY HURTSLPRockstar Records
3.VotariesPsychometryWharf Cat Records
4.The Stargazer LilliesDoor to the SunGraveface Records
5.High Sunnu stole my heartSelf Released
6.VardagshatGlesbygden BluesSelf Released
7.Rat CageCaged Like RatsLa Vida Es Un Mus Discos
8.Up RiverIf There is a God that is Judging Me ConstantlyHoly Roar Records
9.Beyond PeaceBeyond PeaceSelf Released
10.Rata NegraOído AbsolutoLa Vida Es Un Mus Discos
11.Small DadI Would Never Do ThatSelf Released
12.The ParanoydsEat Their OwnHard Feelings Records
13.Sun YoungSun YoungSuper Wimpy Punch Records
14.Funeral ConeTurn Me On Dead Man100% Breakfast Records
15.New FriesMORETelephone Explosion Records
16.StepfatherBaked PotatoSelf Released
17.OriginsJoe's Spaghetti ShedSelf Released
18.Kave KraftA Kave is a GraveSelf Released
19.Sigh GoneDuskSelf Released
20.LITECubicTopshelf Records