RH Top 20 - week of 4.18.16

Here’s yr top 20 for the week, brought to you by the Record Hospital. This week our excitement for our annual Fest showed, with local bands HØUNDS and Mountain Man shooting into the top spots (as well into our hearts at Fest this weekend), while Kitten Forever, Pinkshinyultrablast, and Boys Age rounded out the coveted top 5.

Remember to catch the best tracks from each of the top albums every Monday at 10pm on our weekly top 20 show, and keep listening to the Record Hospital every weeknight 10pm-5am.

1 19 HØUNDS Our Love Self-released DL
2 9 Mountain Man Rumination End Result LP
3 2 Kitten Forever 7 Hearts Atlas Chair CD
4 7 Pinkshinyultrablast Grandfeathered Club AC30 CD
5 - Boys Age / R. Stevie Moore Split Bleeding Gold 7"
6 - Pridjevi Pridjevi Trouble In Mind CD
7 - Empty Markets Stainless Steel 12XU LP
8 3 Great Thunder & Radiator Hospital The GTRH Wedding Album Stupid Bag LP
9 10 Christi Christi EP Feel It 7"
10 18 Jennylee Right On! Rough Trade CD
11 - Matmos Ultimate Care II Thrill Jockey CD
12 - Mommy Mommy EP Toxic State 7"
13 5 Brilliant Beast Dissolve Self-released CD
14 4 The Sun Days Album Run For Cover CD
15 11 Bazooka Useless Generation Slovenly CD
16 12 Jealousy Paid For It Moniker LP
17 13 various [cease & desist] DIY! Optimo Music LP
18 17 Tyrannamen Tyrannamen Cool Death LP
19 20 The Body No One Deserves Happiness Thrill Jockey CD
20 - The Sediment Club Psychosymplastic Wharf Cat CD