RH Top 20 - w.o. 3.20.17

Here’s yr top 20 for the past week, brought to you by the Record Hospital. This week Vansire launched to the top of the chart with The Rolling, Driftless North. Holy Motors has also risen into one of the highest slots with their Sleeprydr single from Wharf Cat Records. Other new albums are on the rise, and some old favorites have returned too! Also go to rhplaylist.com to see top 20 charts and the entire RH playlist!

Remember to catch the best tracks from each of the top albums every Monday at 10pm on our weekly top 20 show, and keep listening to the Record Hospital every weeknight 10pm-5am.

117VansireThe Rolling, Driftless NorthSelf Released
26Holy MotorsSleeprydrWharf Cat Records
39Nine of SwordsYou Will Never DieSelf Released
4-Rat CageCaged Like RatsLa Vida Es Un Mus Discos
5-New FriesMORETelephone Explosion Records
65LITECubicTopshelf Records
720Jump ShipNo Thank YouLame-O Records
819VotariesPsychometryWharf Cat Records
910PalbertaBye Bye BertaWharf Cat Records
10-Beyond PeaceBeyond PeaceSelf Released
112Dazey and the ScoutsMaggotSelf Released
121Brad PotBrad PotSlovenly Recordings
137Witch CoastDevil VisionBabe City Records
14-The ParanoydsEat Their OwnHard Feelings Records
1518The Baja BlastersHave a Great Summer!Self Released
168Rictus GrinPity Crew EPSelf Released
173Dry EraseFatal GlitchVacant Stare Records
18-Moonish BruteSide QuestSelf Released
19-High Sunnu stole my heartSelf Released
204THE NOVEMBERSHallelujahDiazawa Records