RH Top 20 - w.o. 4.17.17

This week yr top 20 show is Wednesday at 11pm! Tune in for the last top 20 of the semester before orgy season begins.

Here's the top 20 for the past week, brought to you by the Record Hospital. Last weekend we had our annual fest, so the excitement of our DJs reached its peak. All of the top 3 slots are filled by bands who played fest, with A Deer A Horse remaining in the number one slot for the second week in a row. Other bands from fest will be played throughout the night. You'll be hearing some of your old favorites mixed in with the hottest new releases!

Check out rhplaylist.com to see our entire playlist and also our top 20 charts with more information for each album!

This week our top 20 show will be on Wednesday at 11pm. Tune in and keep listening to the Record Hospital every weeknight 10pm-5am.

11A Deer A HorseBackswimmer EPSelf Released
26Dazey and the ScoutsMaggotSelf Released
3-Birthing HipsNo SorrySelf Released
43SnakeholeInterludes of InsanityWharf Cat Records
514VansireThe Rolling, Driftless NorthSelf Released
618WetterNervous Breakthroughs Split EPGuilt Ridden Pop Records
7-Reptile RanchReptile RanchC/Site Recordings
8-The Baja BlastersHave a Great SummerSelf Released
94Brad PotBrad PotSlovenly Recordings
10-Sour SpiritCataclysm, OK?BLAK DETH Records
1115The Dream EatersWe Are A CurseSong Dynasty Music
1217Your DogTalking To BobInvertebrate Records
13-Slimy MemberUgly Songs For Ugly PeopleOccult Whispers
148NagFalse AnxietyTotal Punk Records
15-Tiffany's HouseTiffany's Sleepover: A Radio PlayRecorded at WHRB
169Godless AmericaLove is Our ProfessionSelf Released
17-Life StinksHanging From The CeilingTotal Punk Records
18-Natural CausesNatural CausesSorry State Records
1911HoroscopeMisogyny StoneWharf Cat Records
207Caldor KidsCaldor KidsSelf Released