Harvard Votes Challenge: The Democracy Day…

Listen to a live interview hosted by reporter Ellie Klibaner-Schiff with Jonah Simon from Harvard Votes Challenge and their initiative to implement Democracy Day, a university holiday on Election Day to give the Harvard community a chance to vote or engage in civic action.

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What dough heck! Dr. Steven Kaplan talks bread

It's the staff of life! Noelle chats with Dr. Steven Kaplan on the yeasty good stuff, from its “roll” in the past to “wheat” is going on with the food-stuff today. Listen to a discussion of French history and how we can use the same lens to understand the war in Ukraine today.

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Klimt, Indiana Jones, and… Raubkunst? ft.…

Host Noelle Chung likes to paint Klimt recreations but knows a lot less about the ins-and-outs of the legal tug of war over them. Luckily, her desperate pleas for information reaches the ears of Dr. Jonathan Petropoulos. Listen to an episode on World War II, the Nazi Art plunder, and restitution, featuring surprising facts about that favorite portrait of yours in the local museum to his review of Monuments Men.

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Need a tip?

Sometimes life's answers come in the form of some old dude vibing in a lawn chair in yellow sneakers and a helicopter hat. Wait -- what?!? Meet George Vaill, who in his free time has a goofy-looking free advice stand in Harvard Square. Join host Noelle Chung in a conversation about what the hell he's doing, the meaning of personal connection, and if we should pour milk or cereal first.