Classical Music

The many personas of JiJi, guitarist of the 21st…

The ethereal, pulsating layers of sound from her electric guitar wash over you, her classically-trained technique flawless to the point of imperception. This is JiJi, an adventurous classical guitarist with a passion for new music. We interviewed her before her upcoming concert at Highfield Hall on October 28th.

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Classical Music

Why We Need Tonality in Contemporary Classical…

WHRB Classical interviews contemporary composers Max Richter and Clarice Jensen who are redefining classical music today through their compositions. Max Richter provides an argument for political engagement and tonality, while Clarice Jensen emphasizes that classical music can be enjoyed anywhere.

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Classical Music

WHRB Classical's 2018 Fall Features!!

Read more about WHRB Classical's special programs this semester, including our classic broadcasts, Historic Performances and New Releases, unique features, such as The Musician's Guide to Zoology and Freedom Across the Atlantic, and two completely new interview-based shows, Classical Conversations and Beyond the Stage!

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Classical Music

Statement on the Allegations Against James Levine

Last Sunday, WHRB​ ​was​ disappointed to​ receive news of​ ​allegations​ ​of​ ​sexual​ ​abuse​ ​made​ ​against​ Mr. ​James​ ​Levine, Music​ Director​ ​Emeritus​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Metropolitan​ ​Opera.​ ​Given ​Mr.​ ​Levine’s​ centrality in the classical music world,​ ​we​ are deeply disturbed to learn of his long history of sexual abuse and its neglect at many institutions we respect and cherish.