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Director Jason Kohn on Love Means Zero

On this episode of ZUCKER, host Andrew Zucker is joined by Jason Kohn, the director of Showtime’s Love Means Zero. Kohn talks about the documentary, how he convinced to sit down with him, and the status of the relationship between the famous tennis coach and Andre Agassi.

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Classical Music

Savall: Long-Lasting Legacy of the Viol

WHRB reviews Jordi Savall's recent concert with the Boston Early Music Festival at Sanders Theatre. The concert was based on the soundtrack for the French film Tous les matins du monde which Savall recorded in 1991. The concert celebrated the legacy of 17th century viol masters Marais and Saint-Colombe and demonstrated Savall's commitment to continuing this legacy as a viol player himself.

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An Interview with Ben Zhang '22: Harvard Glee…

Charles Hua sits down with Ben Zhang '22 to discuss his involvement with Harvard Glee Club, the oldest collegiate chorus in the United States. The music of Harvard Glee Club has simultaneously honored Harvard traditions, celebrated school spirit, and created social impact.