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A Fitting Name: Square Peg Round Hole at National…

Stepping into National Sawdust in Brooklyn feels somewhere in between stepping into an alien spaceship and a 1970s vision of a futuristic nightclub. The truth is it might as well be both. Read on for WHRB Classical Producer Pablo Rasmussen's review of Square Peg Round Hole's performance at National Sawdust on November 8th.

All the Fears photo.jpg


Luke Kolar Interviews Lola's Ghost

On Tuesday, November 12th, Luke Kolar spoke with Martina Car, also known as Lola’s Ghost, a new alternative pop artist whose ballads incorporate digitalized synths, hypnotizing piano, and cryptic lyrics. Her newest record, All the Fears, was released last June, but it remains a hidden gem of the behemoth modern streaming services. Kolar and Car delved into the album’s creation and mysteries over the course of the interview, as well as the origin of Lola’s Ghost herself.



Boston Art Book Fair 2019 Highlights

​WHRB visited the 2019 Boston Art Book Fair Preview Party to take a peek at this year’s wonderful offerings. Set to an eclectic DJ set (Dilla & Talking Heads in the same night?) by DJ 7L, we saw some of the best in bookmaking for this year. Here are some of our highlights!