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Record Hospital

Reaching a New Fever Pitch

​Veins of lyrical candor and layers of harmony run deep through the entirety of Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s musical collection, setting the band apart from its contemporaries as much as its unorthodox name does.

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Perfume Genius Discusses His Time at Boston…

Perfume Genius gets both wacky and intimate in his discussion with WHRB News correspondent Aaron Fogelson at Boston Calling. He discusses his time at Boston Calling, adjusting to fame & more on this episode of Inside The Dogghouse!


Record Hospital

BadBadHats Preview @ The Sinclair

Record Hospital DJs Kyle Deeds and Jeremy Dohmann are excited to share their concert-going experience with you later this week when they go to see BadBadHats and Squirrel Flower perform at The Sinclair.


Juice for Thought

​In May 2018, WHRB DJ Alasdair MacKenzie spoke with Christian Rose, electric violinist and vocalist in the Boston and New York-based band Juice. They discussed Juice’s approach to songwriting, arranging, and performing, as well as the band’s plans for the immediate future.