An Interview with Greyson Chance

The air in Brighton Music Hall was filled with electricity this past Sunday night (yep, you read that right—a packed house on a Sunday!) as Greyson Chance took to the stage. Flanked on all sides by fluorescent tubes of pulsating light, the singer-songwriter captured the audience with the power of his voice. Greyson’s stage-presence, complemented by a delicate command over his body movement, a quick outfit-change, and personal vignettes, made for a truly remarkable experience. I got the chance (pun intended!) to catch up with Greyson before his show, to talk about his newest album, portraits, and his life as a child-sensation turned practiced musician.



The Crime of Being Poor: Interview with Brook…

On this episode of The Jenx, host Maya Jenkins sits down with Brook Hopkins, Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School. Brook is an experienced lawyer who has worked on a variety of cases, including death penalty cases, civil rights cases, immigration cases, and criminal cases.