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Classical Music

Remembering Leon Fleisher

On Friday, August 14 from 1-8 PM, WHRB presented a tribute to the legendary American pianist Leon Fleisher, featuring selections from Fleisher's decades-long discography and remembrances from his former students and colleagues.


The Jazz Spectrum

Protest Jazz Broadcast

Including jazz created during the civil rights movement of the 1960s, such as "Alabama," John Coltrane's response to the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing by the KKK which killed four African-American girls, as well as more recent works, such as Terence Blanchard's "Breathless," a response to the last words of Eric Garner: "I can't breathe," this is the Protest Blues playlist, broadcasted on June 10th. The revolution will not be televised.


The Jazz Spectrum

Put a Little Love in Your Heart: Online Orgy

I first heard “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” in the guise of Ella Fitzgerald’s cover that appears in the middle of this Orgy. Its joyous optimism and endless emissions of love left me smiling and humming, leading me to look up other artists' takes on it. This Orgy includes the ones that touched me the most.


The Blues Hangover

Bluegrass Orgy

This online orgy contains the playlist and commentary during the Bluegrass Orgy Aired on Tuesday May 12, 2020. The Bluegrass orgy is focused on the bands and musicians playing this music, with an emphasis on bands from North Carolina.


Record Hospital

The One Man Orgy

If, at the end of the day, music is all about love, then there’s certainly a lot of self love to be explored. And, well, quarantine isn’t exactly hurting the prevalence of … dialing the rotary phone? (bet you’ve never even heard of that one). Its current relevance made us want to dig a little deeper into the ways that musicians have talked about or around the often-taboo issue, while ultimately producing a playlist that reflects our own sex-positivity.