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Karen Washington: Fighting for Food Justice

​Morgan welcomes farmer and community gardener Karen Washington, who has spent decades working to bring New Yorkers fresh, locally grown food. She began by working with neighborhoods in her home, the Bronx, to turn empty lots into community gardens. In 2014, she co-founded Rise and Root Farm in Chester, New York. By engaging communities through farming, her farm is committed to food justice: “increasing the number of people growing and eating good food.”

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1969 Orgy: A Radio Documentary

This semester, WHRB produced a radio documentary about the year 1969 jointly produced by the seven on-air departments of WHRB. In this first station-wide Orgy in WHRB's recent memory, we reviewed 1969's Apollo 11 landing, Woodstock Music Festival, Harvard Strike, Nixon’s inauguration, Vietnam Moratorium, and other pivotal history-defining moments through hundreds of popular songs, speeches, and recorded broadcasts, including materials from Harvard’s own archives. If you missed the Orgy, we're sharing our 12 produced montages here!

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Joanne Chang, Founder of Flour Bakery, Always Eats…

Joining News Director Morgan Whitten this week is Joanne Chang, founder of Flour Bakery. Chatting over a coffee at the Flour in Harvard Square, they discuss how Joanne chose a culinary career over business school and, of course, why she eats dessert first.