Interview with New Yorker Editor and Cartoonist…

On this episode of Gouda Talks, Jess interviews John Donohue, a former New Yorker editor, cartoonist, and author. And John loves to draw. In fact, he wants to draw All the Restaurants in New York -- figuratively. From sketching a secret cocktail bar above a burger joint, to drawing queues of people waiting for dinner in London, to illustrating his dish racks and toy ducks, John hopes that he’ll never run out of things to draw.



Pilot: The Dogg House Report

The first episode by Aaron Fogelson, joined by special guest Cat Zhang, in his Dogg House Report series. Listen in for the Woof of the Week focused the discovery of water on Mars. Originally broadcast Sunday, October 4, 2015.



Harvard Comedian "Scones" on the Dogg…

The Dogg sits down with campus comedian, and former president of the Harvard College Stand-Up Society, "Scones." The duo discusses issues such as Tinder's new update and other dating sites including "Farmers Only." Swipe right! Originally broadcast on Sunday, October 11th, 2015.