As We Know It - April 10, 2016


Week In Review

[00:40 - 10:45] As the MLB season begins, Chris Ulian talks Red Sox baseball with Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy.

[10:46 - 16:39] Chris also sits down with Harvard Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology Daniel Lieberman to discuss the upcoming Native American Running Traditions conference.

Comper Story

[16:52 - 23:38] Vlad Sevostianov debuts as a WHRB News correspondent in Annenberg Hall where he interviews an international classmate from Greece about his unique Harvard experience and ambitions.

Inside the Dogg House

[23:51 - 33:35] Dogg House Topp Dogg Aaron Fogelson has a chat with Lech Wierzynski, lead singer and instrumentalist for the California Honeydrops, a blues and R&B band from the Bay Area.