WHRB NFL Weekly - Episode 5


Jerry and Conor recap a wild week 6 in the NFL. With unexpected teams like the Cardinals and Saints heating up and preseason favorites like the Patriots and Falcons looking shakier than ever the season is creating some exciting storylines. Injuries to some of the best players in football are making many divisional battles heat up as the season starts to approach the halfway mark. Conor discusses the craziest games of the past week, focusing in on the downward trending Broncos and the Steelers upset of the Chiefs. Jerry previews week 7 and suggests some fantasy pickups and trade targets for all you fantasy owners out there. Do you need a player to fill your flex position? Jerry will have some answers for you.

Show Highlights:

- 5 shaky performances from strong teams in the AFC and NFC.

- Previews for the Falcons-Patriots matchup and Cardinals-Rams matchup.

- Fantasy must-adds and potential buy-low trade targets.

Jerry Tang is the co-host of NFL Weekly for WHRB Sports. Conor Bent is the co-host of NFL Weekly for WHRB Sports.

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