WHRB NFL Weekly - Episode 7


At the halfway point of the season, Jerry and Conor are joined by new WHRB Sports member Brendan to recap week 8 in the NFL. They discuss the Chiefs-Broncos and Seahawks-Texans games from last weekend, then look forward to next week's games. Conor and Jerry pick their favorites to win each division and wild card spot, and Brendan reviews the outstanding season that the Eagles have had so far and predicts how far they could go in the playoffs. Finally, Jerry and Conor take a look at some of the breakout fantasy players from last week, and offer some must-add waiver wire picks.

Show Highlights:

- Recap of the Chiefs-Broncos and Seahawks-Texans games.

- Playoffs predictions for both conferences.

- Must-add breakout fantasy players from last week.

Jerry Tang is the co-host of NFL Weekly for WHRB Sports. Conor Bent is the co-host of NFL Weekly for WHRB Sports. Brendan Massoud is a member of our fall class rookies for WHRB Sports.

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