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Department Heads


Andi "mindo" Mirviss

Andi likes the blues. She has liked the blues for a very long time. She studies people who wrote the blues and the people who recorded the people who sang the blues and the people who listened to the blues that was recorded by the people who recorded the blues of the music that the people who sang the blues sang.

If that didn't make sense to you, she suggests listening to more blues. Specifically, listen to "Darling, Do You Remember Me?" by Lightnin' Hopkins. Things tend to make sense to her after that.

Hannah "spark" Leverson

On one of her family’s road trips to Clarksdale, Mississippi, under the veil of a moonless sky, Hannah Leverson is said to have sold her soul to the Devil at the crossroads, so she could play the guitar like the great Robert Johnson. Without her soul, she was a guitar virtuoso, but, as an unexpected side effect, she could no longer hear other blues musicians. No longer could she savor Blind Willie McTell’s tin timbre or the rich depth of Memphis Minnie’s vocals. Her dedication to listening to and enjoying the blues outweighed the pride she had of her talent, however, so the next year Hannah bartered the Devil for her soul back by offering a different spirit—an endless river of the finest whiskey. The Devil refused her offer, insisting instead on his drink of choice: Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka. Hannah agreed and gave the Devil all of the Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka in the world, ridding it of the putrid substance and earning her back the privilege of enjoying the blues.

Broadcasting DJs


Miles "aesop" Hewitt

At last casting aside his whiskey-fueled haze of anonymity, Miles is a junior concentrating in English, though most of his time is spent cataloging exercises in tonal breath control. Blues legend states that Miles was conceived and later born on the very day John Lee Hooker gave the finger to each of Robert Johnson's three purported gravesites--the same act for which popular music historians coined the phrase "Thy Devil's Triptych" (and therefore not, as it has often been suspected, in reference to the trilogy of "authentic" blues LPs released by dustbowl-era prankster Jaboi William).

David "killa" Kilstein

David is a senior concentrating in American History and Literature. Widely credited as Harvard’s first Jewaiian, David enjoys bagels and latkes, spam and poi, surfing and feeling uncomfortable in the South. He can be seen chugging coffee, blacking out in libraries, sweating, and looking generally disheveled. Ladies call him “unhealthily tired looking,” and guys call him, “seriously, he looks like he is about to faint - we might want to get help.” A minimum of one Mississippi John Hurt tune and one Ray Charles tune, or your money back.

Monica "klutz" de los Reyes

When not DJing for WHRB’s the Blues Hangover or Record Hospital, Monica enjoys searching for hidden gems in record stores and the Blues Lounge, speaking beautiful languages, and baking cupcakes with angst. She is currently concentrating in life, heartache, and whiskey. If you listen to her show, you will be sure to receive a healthy dose of “Crawfish Fiesta” by Professor Longhair, and “Drunk Again Again” by Mr. Bird Rollins, the finest blues musician from Monica’s home state of New Jersey.

Amanda "mozey" Mozea

Amanda Mozea loves Blues. She grew up in western Massachusetts, about as far away from the Blues hubs of the United States as anyone in-country can get, but she was taught from an early age to appreciate the finer things in life like Sonny Boy Williamson's harmonica or Howlin' Wolf's sultry and sassy vocals. When she's not hanging around WHRB and listening to Blues or broadcasting out over the airwaves, she is trying to fend off the blues in her own life, often to no avail. Wishing she could concentrate in Blues at Harvard, she has to settle on Social Studies, a political science major so vague one day she hopes to get a Blues class to count for concentration credit. Updates on this to come.

Kyle “obgyn” O’Hara

Kyle is concentrating in Comparative Religion, and getting a secondary in Computer Science because someone suggested maybe acquiring some “marketable skills” before graduation. When she’s not at the station, Kyle can probably be found at the gym because she’s definitely not going to lose to her mom in another half marathon.

Abby "pnsnv" Duker

Abby is a member of the class of 2018 with music tastes as varied as her academic ones. She doesn’t really like to get settled into a feeling of constancy, and her shows on WHRB reflect that. Her only missions in life are to grow out of her allergies and her size 5 shoes.

Gideon "ronny" Nachman

Born on the seventh hour of the seventh day of the seventh month in 1994, Gideon Nachman loves/has the blues. He always appreciates callers, and promises to call back. He is, ashamedly, a member of the class of 2016.

Ghosts of the Class of 2015

Will "dingo" Dingee

Born and raised in a small farming community in the Ohio river valley, Will first learned to love the blues in the days when he would follow itinerant African-American musicians around the carnival circuit, or catch bits of melodies from local vagrants down by the train tracks. He concentrated in Classics. In his broadcasts, he sought to focus mostly on African-American artists from the late 1920's to the late 1950's, with favorite artists including Muddy Waters, Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, and Blind Willie McTell. However, far from being a purist, he also maintained an interest in folk music and its american revival, Bob Dylan, and Classic Rock, all of which he approached through the lens of those artists' blues roots.

Danny "ennui" Fitz

What can one say about the elusive spirit known as Danny Fitz? Unburdened by the mortal constraints of time and space, he lives only for the Blues. He comes and goes as he pleases, leaving little more than a whisper or a shadow in his wake. According to legend, he lost all ten fingers in a childhood carpentry accident, but after the doctor sewed them back on, he could play with the fury of ten men. Others say he was a drunken hack who burned down his entire town when he could not learn to play like Elmore James. Either way, he serenades his listeners with an arsenal of ripping Blues records and a voice forged from gravel and honey. Every Blues tune is a journey, and he is your guide.

Cody "könig" Dales

Cody, "that guy who always takes the 5am show," is a bonafide hillbilly at Harvard who speaks four languages: English, German, Dutch, and Hillbilly. He is also the world's greatest Catfish Keith fan.

Niv "osher" Sultan

Niv concentrated in History and Literature. He has been called "The Last Disciple of our Lady The Blues" because of his insistence on playing at least one female blues musician for every five songs he spins. Like Atlas, Niv shrugged once, but no pretentious yet intriguing novel was named after the incident. Niv often gazes into the sunset, wondering why the red-yellow paint it splatters on the sky couldn't have been something cooler, bluer.