Meet Our DJs


I am a senior at Harvard studying math and statistics. This is my fourth year on WHRB and Record Hospital, and previously I served on the ad board and as online content director. I love interviewing bands for WHRB such as Rebuilder, Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass, Death by Unga Bunga, and Walter Etc. I listen to and play on air all sorts of punk rock (especially folk punk). Tune in Thursday nights, 11 pm - midnight.


i'm mostly a photographer, but sometimes i'm other things, too, like a dj.

i'm mostly here for ambient, experimental, & soft sounds, but on the baby gap i like to make noise with my friends jeremy & kyle.


I'm an international student from Korea and a current freshman (Class of 2021). I enjoy discovering Korean underground artists in particular (although I do like K-Pop), so a significant portion of my show is devoted to playing Korean indie alt-rock/folk music. I also play music by artists from other parts of the world as well! The type of music I usually play is soft and dreamy, which I think are pleasant to listen to late at night. Tune in on Friday nights/Saturday mornings from 3:30~5AM!


My name's Danielle, and I'm a freshman living in Mower Hall planning to concentrate in History & Literature. Every Friday morning from 2-3:30am, I play supersweet twee pop, Tropicália, female-fronted punk, and fun vintage-y novelty stuff! Besides music, I believe the highest form of art is the high school movie, and if I could go back in time to any time in music history, I'd hang out with Hole in 1993 while they recorded the "Argentina Demos." Enjoy a picture of 7th grade me scaring all my classmates by trying to scream like Courtney Love!


My show post-entertainment (formerly known as Unhinged) is a collection of the punk-influenced music I love, running the gamut in genres from indie pop and rock to emo, post-punk, math, noise rock, and post-hardcore. It features a lot of new and international music mixed in with some overlooked bands from years and decades past. Things usually begin on the softer side and gradually build to loud dissonant screamy stuff.


teddy and i are doing a show entitled "tio guero's balls to the walls hour of power", but more often I submit a "half hour of dour." our goal is to play songs that speak to ur emo soul. our other goal is to not break up on the air.


Hi! I try to play a variety of things on my show including ambient and Shibuya-kei, so each set has its own theme. My show runs Tuesday mornings 3:30 - 5 if you're interested in tuning in.

Outside of radio I study computer science and music. I also enjoy cooking and cycling.


Kim loves exactly two things: animals and music. She loves alternative, indie, and post-hardcore, and would literally die for pop punk. She also has a soft spot for musicals. Her weekly program, Welcome to the Shit Show, is Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 1 AM. The above cat does not belong to her.


hello i'm liv! i'm a freshman probably studying history but we shall see. i'm from new york city, and some things i do out of school include theater stuff, political stuff, law stuff, and whrb of course. i am a big fan of: dachshunds, museums, the mets unfortunately, ice cream, six flags, and scottish accents. i have a show with my dear friend alicia (symbol: crocs) every wednesday night (/thursday morning) from 2:00-3:30 am. our show usually features small alt/rock/punk/indie artists from new york, boston, and other urban areas, foreign language music of many varieties, noise music, and a bunch of other nice stuff. so if you're ever by any chance awake during the wee hours of the night, give us a listen!


I’m a sophomore in Eliot house and study applied math, and I have a show each week with Eliza from 3:30-5:00 am on Thursday nights/Friday mornings. Most of the music I play on air tends to be either jangle pop or shoegaze, although I try to find stuff from other genres as well. Some of the artists I’ve recently played include Star Tropics, SunSon, Dynamo Stairs, Lexie, and Mark Renner. Most importantly, my favorite band is Real Estate!


A sad, rad Harvard student and East Slav studying filmmaking and English (for shits and giggles, according to some people), I aim to please with my horrible humor and amazing music selections (mostly niche foreign bands), making your 12-2am a little better to handle. I share a show with Iva, a South Slav, where we talk about whatever we want, 'cuz it's our show, and not yours (this is a reference, don't @ me). If you want a night full of rare-to-find, underrated songs and depression-filled jokes, tune in, and (I am 80% sure) you will not regret it.


hey! your friendly rock director here. i run the recovery ward live sessions every friday night @ 10. when i'm not in the studio, catch me at some basement in allston probably


"guero" (n) is mexican slang for someone who looks very white. which is supposed to be ironic here, cause i'm a quarter mexican, but i look whiter than tom cruise painting a picket fence in a blizzard. it's pronounced "g-where-oh," which is intentionally incorrect. my show -- "tío guero's balls to the wall hour of power" (which i share with algae) -- is, like my name, an extension of myself. because, while i look like a normie dweeb, i bring the punk like you wouldn't believe. heavy post-punk, hxc, old school punk and the occasional new wave track is what you can expect, all delivered with the same smartass personality permeating this very post. come for the punk, stay for the palpable tension b/w me and algae, and of course, the bad jokes.