Our DJs

Rock Directors: Piper & Katherine



AJ encourages you to do your part to save the North American Beaver.


Ali had a lemonade stand once as a child, and believes that sense of young entrepreneurship has guided all other choices she has made in her life.


Alicia is a sophomore in Eliot. She runs a show called Fruity Flavors every Friday night from 1-2 a.m., where she plays a lot of foreign language/international music plus a bunch of other flavors (that may or may not be fruity). She is also very excited to co-direct the radio's recruitment with Nataliya this fall!


Ana is a Taurus with a flare for the dramatic. The key to her heart is a warm cup of coffee and a late-night chat about great American poets.


Anna plays every Thursday night/Friday morning from 2 to 3:30 am on her show, The Jester’s Court. She loves all forms of clownery and ridiculousness, especially Soviet synthpop, second-wave ska, jangly college rock, and sad alt-rock acts that nobody cared about in 1991 and certainly nobody cares about now. She studies Classics with a secondary in Music, so she’s preparing for a full and happy life of unemployment.


As one half of the duo known as Carl & Jam, Carlos likes expressing himself through tap and modern dance.


Friday night savior, bringing the tunez with Jeremy and Kyle.


A sophomore in Leverett House planning to study government, Daniel likes introducing Korean indie rock/alternative music to the Boston audience. Tune in for some moody/trippy songs!


Join Dinos on a weekly expedition to the outer regions of the world of records by tuning in to Our Little Rendez-vous, every Tuesday from 10pm to midnight, or take a look at the archives.


Spicy and sweet, Danielle will bring you the best of supersweet twee pop, Tropicália, female-fronted punk, and fun vintage-y novelty stuff. And, if you call in, maybe even share her recipe for spaghetti bolognese.


Edith is in fact a college student, despite what this picture may lead you to believe.


Eliza spends her weekdays finding and playing good tunez, and her weekends solving crimes with her pals. Someday she hopes to dismantle the corrupt system of medical research in the US!


Hanna would rather be a 1980s beauty queen, but radio DJ is still a fun job. Tune in Mondays 1-2am.


Croatian senior with a passion for postcards and stamp collecting. Tune in to Iva and Max's show 10-12am Wednesdays.


James is a junior studying Computer Science. He is also in the Jazz, Blues, and TDS departments. He does improv comedy and photography too. He hopes to one day move back to the land of big fruits, good food, and nice weather that is Southern California with a stable job, a loving family, and a fun yet supportive network of friends.


Jenny is a sophomore in Lowell House. Along with RH, she's a member of Studio Engineering and directs Met Opera at WHRB. Her life exists in a weird limbo between classical music and the Edgy Tunes of Record Hospital.


Jeremy once believed he could save Friday nights alone; alas, he requires the aid of Kyle and Casper.


DJ Algae's shows aren't always emo, but they are probably still sad.


Kim would literally die for pop punk. Her weekly program, Welcome to the Shit Show Mondays 11-12pm, is always boppin'. The above cat does not belong to her.


Once a huge musical fan, these days Kyle has broadened his musical taste to include both lo-fi and harcore.


Liv is a fan of the soft sweaters and love triangles (but only in movies). On the weekends she can be found playing high-stakes poker games with other members of the WHRB team. Tune in Wednesday nights 1-2am.


Mark is a fan of the Mets and for that we here at WHRB pity him. Tune in Mondays 12-1am


A lover of the finer things in life--like Tito's and Shrek 2. Tune into Max and Iva's show 10-12am Wednesdays.


live your life like we live our friday shows -- live


Peyton is a sophomore in Leverett House studying astrophysics. She hails from the majestic midwest and loves to play queercore and female-fronted punk. She also loves art museums, 70 degree weather, squirrels, and women. Catch her show every Friday night from 11-1am!


Saul is an arthritic Jew. His music taste shifts weekly, so tune in Mondays 10-11pm and don’t be upset because you get what you get.


Sofía is a junior concentrating in Social Studies. You can expect anything from Latin-American focused female rappers to metalcore at her show, a perfect blend of chaos for the 3:30-5:00 AM Wednesday morning slot


Lover of tropical fruits and harsh noise, Sophia is thoroughly shaken, never stirred. She steers the Recovery Ward ship - tune in Fridays at 10 for live sessions with local artists :^)


If you couldn't tell from the picture, Spencer loves Kate Bush. Spencer and Edith have a show every Thursday from 10-12, where they run the gamut from earl Chinese pop music to ambient noise. Tune in if that's what you're craving :)


Xilin does NOT slay, she promises she does NOT kill people.