Our DJs

Anna studies classics and music, and in her free time enjoys pretending to be respectable. She brings you a topsy-turvy feast for the ears and a solid dose of revelry of the stupidest kind every Tuesday at 10 and Thursday at 1 on The Jester’s Court.

Brandon spent his entire childhood reading Stephen King and now regurgitates horror fiction — sometimes for money! Lover of shoegaze, indie rock, and emo stuff — really, anything with loud, sangry guitars. You can usually find him wandering the streets of Chicago with his Polaroid OneStep. Oh, and he's got this radio thing every Thursday night from 2-3 AM, so check that out, I guess. The truth is out there.

Gilberto, primarily known as Gibby, is a sophomore who runs his gibbstacular shows on Tuesday nights from 3–4 a.m. He likes gazing at shoes and draining socks at the bus stop.”

Ezra studies comparative literature and NELC. In his spare time, he enjoys reading Yiddish poetry, looking at birds, and thinking about the moon. One of RH’s department heads, you can catch his show Monday night from eleven to midnight.

Luca is currently submerged in a swamp. You offer to help, but they shake their head—they’re just hanging out. Their show is 11pm–12 am on Thursday nights and features impromptu readings of Twilight.

Ryan is a sophomore Econ concentrator. He loves the post punk/new wave era and weird early electronic noise collages, with a touch of prog here and there. He likes building Gunpla and messing around in GarageBand.

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