July 4th: Program of American Music

A Tribute to David Elliott (1942-2020)

For this year’s July 4th Program of American Music, WHRB will be paying tribute to our dear friend David Elliott, who gave 58 years of his life to the station and who started the July 4th Program in 2000 and curated it for 19 years.

We’ll hear David himself again in a 25-minute excerpt from his 2004 July 4th Program.

In selecting the works for his broadcasts, David placed an emphasis on accessible music and introduced many of us for the first time to lesser-known but very worthwhile American tonal composers such as Ernst Bacon, Nevett Bartow, Richard Rendleman, Burnet Tuthill, David Baker, H. Leslie Adams, and Don Gillis. The broadcast will feature some of the pieces by these composers that David liked best, including perhaps his favorite work by an American classical composer, Don Gillis’ patriotic cantata This is Our America, which will be heard toward the end of the Program. The broadcast will situate David in a Pantheon of American Broadcasting, showcasing American-music related selections featuring Mike Wallace, Hugh Downs, Charles Osgood, Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and Martin Bookspan, all alongside David’s 1977 interview with Aaron Copland.

The July 4th broadcast will begin at the earlier-than-usual 12 PM, and run until 10 PM, here on whrb.org or at 95.3 FM in the Greater Boston area.

Note: Time divisions below are only approximate.

12 noon

Some of David’s Favorites

Morton Gould: Fourth of July; Morton Gould and his Symphonic Band (RCA Victor)

John Stafford Smith/Francis Scott Key: The Star Spangled Banner; Arturo Toscanini, NBC Symphony Orchestra (Testament)

Francis Hopkinson: Washington's March; The Liberty Tree Wind Players (New World)

Philip Phile: The President's March; Chestnut Brass Company (Newport Classic)

John Adams; Short Ride in a Fast Machine; Edo de Waart, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (Nonesuch)

George W. Chadwick: String Quartet No. 3; Portland String Quartet (Northeastern)

Virgil Thomson: The Seine at Night; Virgil Thomson, Philadelphia Orchestra (Columbia LP - Bay Cities CD)

Henry Brant: Homage aux Frères Marx; Richard Pittman, Boston Musica Viva (Phoenix)

Ernst Bacon: Remembering Ansel Adams for Clarinet and Orchestra; Richard Stoltzman, Jerzy Swoboda, Warsaw Philharmonic (CRI)

Gardner Read: Five Aphorisms for Violin and Piano; Janet Packer (violin), Howard Karp (piano) (Northeastern)

Douglas Moore: "Mary's Prayer" from The Devil and Daniel Webster; Doris Young (soprano) - Mary Stone, Armando Aliberti, Festival Orchestra (Phoenix)

Richard Rendleman: Symphonic Overture; Gerhardt Zimmermann, Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra (MMC Recordings)

Nevett Bartow: The King of Love My Shepherd Is; Anthony Morss, Slovak Philharmonic Choir (MMC Recordings)

William Bolcom/arr. Terry Smith: The Graceful Ghost; Gary Olmstead, O-Zone Percussion Group (Klavier)

2 pm

Leonard Bernstein/John Corigliano: "Make Our Garden Grow" from West Side Story; Joshua Bell (violin), David Zinman, Philharmonia Orchestra (Sony)

Amy Beach: Pastorale for Woodwind Quintet; Ambache Chamber Ensemble (Chandos)

Robert Convery: "The Parsnip" from Mish Nash Madrigals; Stephen Kushner, Phillips Exeter Academy Concert Choir (Phillips Exeter Academy Concert Choir)

David Baker: Concerto for Violin and Jazz Band; James Getzoff (violin), Carmen Dragon, Hollywood All-Star Jazz Band (Laurel)

Excerpt from 2004 WHRB July 4th Program of American Music hosted by David Elliott (featuring music of Alton, IL composer William Dawson Armstrong and Boston composer Samuel Holyoke); Edward Dolbashian, Alton Symphony Orchestra (from February 28, 2004 concert at Hatheway Cultural Center, Godfrey, IL)

Carson Cooman: Fanfare for Hammerchord (dedicated to David Elliott, preceded by Carson Cooman comment); Carson Cooman (hammerchord)

Nicolas Slonimsky: "Make this a Day of Pleurodent" from Five Advertising Songs; Deltra Eamon (soprano), Nicolas Slonimsky (piano) (Orion LP)

John Philip Sousa:

  • El Capitan March; Morton Gould and his Symphonic Band (RCA)
  • El Capitan, operetta, ensemble at end of Act 2, Scene 1; John Byess, Ohio Light Opera (Albany)
  • George Gershwin:

  • Short Story (arr. Samuel Dushkin); Samuel Dushkin (violin), Max Pirani (piano) (Victor 78 – Naxos)
  • Tribute record: Carroll Gibbons & His Orchestra, Larry Adler, Hildegarde, George Gershwin, Fred Astaire (Columbia 78s - Naxos CD)
  • F. Henri Klickmann: Smiles and Chuckles; Rick Benjamin, Paragon Ragtime Orchestra (Dorian)

    John Williams: The Reivers for Narrator and Orchestra; Burgess Meredith (narrator), John Williams, Boston Pops Orchestra (Sony)

    Scott Wheeler: Toccata from Piano Trio No. 2, "Camera Dances"; Gramercy Trio (Newport Classic)

    Eric Whitacre: Water Night; Whitacre, Eric Whitacre Singers (Decca)

    Leonard Lehrman (WHRB, class of 1971): Reinecke Fuchs Suite; Leonard Lehrman (piano) (Capstone)

    Anthony Cheung (WHRB, class of 2004): running the (full) gamut; Anthony Cheung (piano) (Wergo)

    David Maslanka: Aria from Mountain Roads; Transcontinental Saxophone Quartet (Albany)

    Eric Ewazen: A Hymn for the Lost and the Living (written after 9/11); Lewis J. Buckley, United States Coast Guard Band (Altissimo)

    4 pm

    Leslie Adams: Song, “Sence You Went Away”; Louise Toppin (soprano), Patrick O’Donnell (piano) (Albany)

    Florence Price; Song to the Dark Virgin; Darryl Taylor (tenor), Maria Corley (piano) (Naxos)

    Burnet Corwin Tuthill: Rhapsody for Clarinet and Orchestra; Robert Alemany (clarinet), JoAnn Falletta, Czech National Radio Symphony Orchestra (Albany)

    Stephen Foster: Song, "Ah, may the red rose live always"; Richard Crooks (tenor), Frank LaForge (piano) (Victor 78 - Nimbus CD)

    Jennifer Higdon: Summer Shivers for Piano and Winds; Susan Glaser (flute), Stephen Taylor (oboe), Todd Palmer (clarinet), Marc Goldberg (bassoon), Joseph Anderer (horn), John Novacek (piano) (Koch)

    Herbert L. Clarke: The Bride of the Waves; Herbert L. Clarke (coronet), Sousa's Band (Victor 78 - Crystal CD)

    George Kleinsinger: Brooklyn Baseball Cantata; Robert Merrill (baritone), Russ Case and His Orchestra and Chorus (Victor 78s - Pearl)

    David Elliott in the Pantheon of American Broadcasting

    Joe Maddy's Interlochen (narrated by Mike Wallace):

    • NBC Broadcast from Interlochen, July 9, 1939; NBC Announcer over Interlochen Theme: Theme from Howard Hanson’s Symphony No. 2, "Romantic"; Joseph Maddy, 1939 National High School Orchestra
    • Introduction; Mike Wallace, Joseph Maddy
    "It Ain't Necessarily So" from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess; Mike Wallace, Damon Evans (Sportin' Life), Byron Hanson, Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra and Choir (January 18, 1991) (Interlochen Center for the Arts)

    Hugh Downs: Elegiac Prelude in A minor; Joseph Maddy, 1960 National High School Orchestra (National Music Camp LP)

    Charles Osgood (born 1933)/arr. Michael David: The Pledge of Allegiance (written after 9/11); Craig Jessop, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square (Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

    Aaron Copland: Preamble for a Solemn Occasion (version for band); Charles Osgood (narrator), Col. Finley R. Hamilton, United States Army Field Band (Altissimo)

    Excerpt from October 1958 speech to Radio-Television News Director Association (Lights in a Box); Edward R. Murrow

    The Lady from Philadelphia (excerpt from CBS See it Now documentary, December 30, 1957); Edward R. Murrow, Marian Anderson (RCA Victor LP)

    Aaron Copland: Lincoln Portrait (final part); Walter Cronkite (narrator), Lewis J. Buckley, United States Coast Guard Band (Altissimo)

    Martin Bookspan on rhythm in American music (includes excerpts from Bernstein’s Overture to Candide, Joplin's The Entertainer, Gershwin's Piano Prelude No. 2, Copland's Hoedown from Rodeo, and Sousa's The Stars and Stripes Forever); Martin Bookspan from audio commentary accompanying Listening to Music, Fourth Edition (2003) by Jay D. Zorn and June August (Prentice Hall)

    David Elliott interview with Aaron Copland, November 2, 1977; David Elliott, Aaron Copland (WHRB)

    Aaron Copland; 12 Poems of Emily Dickinson; Phyllis Curtin (1921-2016, 100th birthday) (soprano), Aaron Copland (piano) (live performance in Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA, August 9, 1971, recorded by David Elliott and David Gessner) (VAI)

    6 pm

    David Elliott’s Patriotism and a Tribute to American Democracy

    Founding Documents

    Morton Gould: Suite from Declaration (a 1957 work, with 1957 reading of Declaration of Independence by Senator John F. Kennedy superimposed); Howard Mitchell, National Symphony Orchestra (RCA Victor)

    Preamble to US Constitution; Ensemble from The Living Constitution LP (Kaydan LP – Laserlight CD)

    Roy Harris: Symphony No. 9 (I. "We the people", "Of Life immense in passion, pulse, power"); David Allan Miller, Albany Symphony Orchestra (Albany)

    The Legislative Branch

    John Cacavas and Charles Osgood: Gallant Men (text by H. Paul Jeffers); Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen (narrator), John Cacavas, Chorus and Orchestra (Capitol LP)

    John Williams: “The People’s House” from Lincoln; John Williams, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Sony)

    The Executive Branch

    Leonard Bernstein: President Jefferson's Sunday Luncheon March Song from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (text by Alan Jay Lerner); Davis Gaines (Opening and President Jefferson), Linda Richardson and Tracy Miller (two soloists), John McGlinn, Ambrosian Chorus, London Sinfonietta (Angel)

    Abraham Lincoln (attributed): Adam and Eve's Wedding Song; Douglas Jimerson (tenor) (Amerimusic)

    Vice President Charles Dawes/arr. John Marcellus: Melody in A Major (later became It’s All in the Game); Larry Zalkind (trombone), Karlyn Bond (piano) (Summit)

    Samuel Adler: Admonition of FDR;

    Paul Moravec: Eisenhower Round; Judith Clurman, Essential Voices USA (Sono Luminus)

    Jesse Wiener: Moral Courage (text by President Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004, 110th birthday);

    Georgia Stitt: With Hope and Virtue (text by President Barack Obama); Judith Clurman, Essential Voices USA (Sono Luminus)

    Leonard Bernstein: "Take Care of This House" from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (text by Alan Jay Lerner) (spoken introduction by Bernstein); Frederica Von Stade, Leonard Bernstein, National Symphony Orchestra (from Presidential Inaugural Concert at Kennedy Center for President-elect Jimmy Carter, January 19,1977) (Columbia LP)

    The Judicial Branch

    Derrick Wang: "You are Searching in Vain for a Bright-Line Solution" from Scalia/Ginsburg; Patrice Michaels (soprano), Kuang-Hao Huang (piano) (Cedille)

    8 pm

    Celebration of American Democracy Present and Past

    Don Gillis: This is Our America; Ray Middleton (baritone), Don Gillis, Rhys Morgan Singers, Rexford Symphony (Rexford LP)

    Don Gillis: Symphony No. 5, "In Memoriam"; Ian Hobson, Sinfonia Varsovia (Albany)


    Gene Scheer: American Anthem; Nathan Gunn (baritone), Kevin Murphy (piano) (EMI)

    America (My Country ‘Tis of Thee); Marian Anderson (mezzo-soprano), Kosti Verhanen (piano) (from April 9, 1939 Lincoln Memorial Concert) (JSP Records)

    Samuel A. Ward and Katherine Lee Bates: America the Beautiful; Robert Shaw, Robert Shaw Chorale, RCA Victory Symphony Orchestra (RCA Victor)

    Edwin Franko Goldman: Jubilee March; Morton Gould and his Symphonic Band (RCA Victor)