Voices on Air


Arjun is a sophomore in Quincy House, planning to concentrate in Applied Math.


Ashley is a junior in Eliot concentrating in Economics with a secondary in East Asian Studies. She is a fan of karaoke, ice coffee, and Tetris. In her free time, you can find her curating Spotify playlists for specific moods.


David is a junior in Currier studying Computer Science and Linguistics. This year, he's co-hosting Sunday Night at the Opera, and he's a huge fan of Baroque music and early instruments. Outside of DJing, you might find him behind the counter serving coffee at the Cabot Café.


Emma is a junior in Pforzheimer House studying Bioengineering. This is Emma's second semester directing the classical music department at WHRB. This fall, she's hosting a feature on Latvian Composers. In her free time, she's training for her first half-marathon, weightlifting, and trying to make her friends laugh.


Felicia is a senior in Currier House studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. A huge fan of interviewing, she's excited to be directing the classical music department's online content this year. Outside of the studio, you can find her taking long walks around Cambridge and Boston, expounding about NJ bagels and NYC cheesecake, and slowly making her way through an endless book recommendation list!


Kevin is a senior in Currier studying History. As an appreciator of old recordings and old Columbia Records album art, he co-hosts Historic Performances on Sundays from 6-8 PM. This semester, he is also the host of What We Talk About When We Talk About Music, a weekly feature of great musicians talking about music, airing on Tuesdays at 6 PM.


Maya is a senior in Kirkland studying Social Studies. She can usually be found running to orchestra rehearsal, practicing viola in the middle of the night, or trying to teach herself piano. This semester, she is hosting a feature on music inspired by the nighttime on Thursdays from 7-8 PM.

Bill Banfield, WHRB Mentor-in-Residence

Dr. Bill Banfield has served as Professor of Africana Studies/Music and Society and founding director of the Center for Africana Studies/Liberal Arts at the Berklee College of Music. He taught in the Department of Composition and in the graduate program from 2005 to 2020.

Dr. Cornel West has called him "one of the last grand Renaissance men in our time...a towering artist, exemplary educator, rigorous scholar, courageous freedom fighter". Henry Louis Gates writes that "Bill Banfield is one of the most original voices on the scene today...he tunes us in to the conversation happening worldwide between the notes of contemporary musical culture." Having served three times as a Pulitzer Prize judge and chair in American music (2010/2016/2020), Banfield is an award-winning composer whose symphonies, operas, and chamber works have been performed and recorded by major orchestras across the country. He was also a national public radio show host (1995-2005) and served as arts and culture correspondent (2012-2016) for The Tavis Smiley Show.

As the Classical Music Department's mentor-in-residence, Bill Banfield encourages us to listen more widely and across genres, challenge the boundaries of classical music, and think critically about the humanity of radio & its role in today's musical and cultural community. As WHRB continues to pursue ever-more interesting, original, and diverse programming, we are grateful for Dr. Banfield's friendship and wisdom.