TDS shot out like spittle from the belching underground of Black hip-hop music, sometime in the 70s... probably. We play Motown records and you groove to them because nobody stands still when Marvin Gaye is on. You leave for snack and someone’s been playing Dancefloor Electronic music for what might have been hours. You’re confused, but you like it.

“TDS is the child who must go outside to play, and insists, even raining, it is never a bad day.” TDS loves it when stuff rhymes. TDS is eclectic. We just learned what that word means don’t hate — TDS is not about the haters. We play a lot of unfamiliar music. “Unfamiliar” does not mean “unlistenable” or “unenjoyable.” We take good air seriously.

TDS isn’t going to mess with you for the sake of it; TDS will mess with you because such is the nature of love, life, and happiness yatta yatta. The point of all of this is that TDS is about love, life, and happiness yatta yatt, because we’re all just one big family, ain’t we?

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