Record Hospital

A Slice of Summer in October: Sunset Rollercoaster…

Summer has given way to fall, and the weather is following suit. Luckily for us, Sunset Rollercoaster crafted a reverse snowglobe at the Great Scott in Allston last night, preserving a slice of midsummer romance in the packed music hall. Drenching the audience with syrupy synths, the Taiwanese six-piece played their iconic blend of 80’s funk, jazz, and city pop to a sold out house.


Record Hospital

Bombay Bicycle Club’s Triumphant Return to…

Five years later in the same month of October, I jumped at the chance to see their return tour at the Boston Royale. Peering into those same faces at the Royale’s front lines, I immersed myself in the breathtaking performance that solidified them as the best band — live and recorded — in my mind.


The Darker Side

Steve Lacy Saves the Day at House of Blues

In front of a full crowd at the House of Blues on October 3rd, Steve Lacy stole the show. Known for his Grammy Nominated work with alternative R&B band The Internet, collaborations with Vampire Weekend and Kendrick Lamar​, and his scrappy yet efficient production methods (documented on Garage Band with his iPhone), Lacy’s solo act definitely did not disappoint.

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Joanne Chang, Founder of Flour Bakery, Always Eats…

Joining News Director Morgan Whitten this week is Joanne Chang, founder of Flour Bakery. Chatting over a coffee at the Flour in Harvard Square, they discuss how Joanne chose a culinary career over business school and, of course, why she eats dessert first.