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Interview: Death by Unga Bunga

We had the pleasure of talking with Death by Unga Bunga after their show last Thursday at Brighton Music Hall. Death by Unga Bunga is a lively band originally from Moss, Norway. They are now based out of Oslo and are known for their fun and energetic shows.

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Record Hospital

Gardenside Interview

Combining traditional pop punk sound with gentle, occasionally drawling vocals and a bedroom-band vibe, the Gardenside EP stays true to the band’s ideal of “sorta pop punk.”


WHRB Sports

WHRB Sports Stories Episode 2 - Larry Kahn, Class…

WHRB Sports alumnus Larry Kahn joins us for our second installment of WHRB Sports Stories. Larry discusses what he has been up to since his time on the station and some of his favorite memories as a member of WHRB. We speak about Larry's first time on the air, reminisce about travel adventures, and go over one of the most infamous moments in Harvard Yale history. So come on in and enjoy our conversation with Larry Kahn.