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Baking with Alysha and Nataliya

Alysha and Nataliya, both avid bakers, talk about how cooking connects them to their communities and the launch of Alysha’s exciting new blog,

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Record Hospital

WHRB Sits Down with DREAMERS’ Nick Wold…

We thought of 10 billion band names and hated every single one, right? We were shocked that “Dreamers” had not really been done. I already had lots of lyrics about sleep and dreams and I was obsessed with that topic. And also, John Lennon, “you may say, I'm a dreamer.” John Lennon’s my biggest influence. I thought it was bold and strong. I like one-word band names. We aim to be dreamers and to attract dreamers, thinkers, imaginaries...


Classical Music

Boston Chamber Music Society trio on Harvard,…

Pianist Max Levinson ‘93, violinist Jennifer Frautschi ‘95, and cellist Raman Ramakrishnan ‘98 discuss their undergraduate experience as musicians at Harvard, what they learned from non-musicians, how they have ended up playing together in their professional careers, how the piano trio is set apart from other chamber ensembles, what makes the Tchaikovsky trio special, and how the three, who are all professors of music performance, go about teaching chamber music to their students.